We work with auction houses, galleries and independent artists to get the best deals for clients who wish to buy artwork for their home, business or their own personal collection. By providing a full service -  from negotiation of prices to delivery - we aim to obtain the highest level of artwork, whatever the budget.

We also assist those who wish to sell already acquired work, making sure it is correctly priced when sold.


We provide insight into the modern and contemporary African art market equipping the client to make the right decisions when investing in work. Buyers can rest assured that we have our ears and eyes to the ground as we continuously monitor the African art market and gain further intel through our sources.

Whether you would like advice on up-and-comers, or an artist you would like more information on, or even if you are a first time buyer who doesn't know where to start investing -  we have got you covered. 


We offer our services to assist in the curation, planning and managing of your art event whatever the scale. 

From private events such as 'Collectors Dinners' to exhibitions, fairs, and press previews; we work with you to bring your event to life, providing advise and editing for any content material, and making sure we get the right people in the room to make your event a success. 

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