Female African artists that are rocking the Contemporary art world right now. Part II


Ruby is a firm favourite within Africa’s contemporary art market, and is considered to be one of the few established female artists. Her artworks are usually pen, pencil or watercolour on paper and are depictions of her dreamy, fantastical realms. The subject is often centred around identity and culture and includes self-portraits of her alter ego and leopards – her spirit animal perhaps?


There is a strong sense of presence in Lina’s work. You are there, her work is there, you see it, you feel it, it stares you right back in the face. Her colour palette only consists of blue, black, white and 24-carat gold allowing for some truly arresting works of art. ‘Intense’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘Midas’ are words that spring to mind and it is no surprise that both the artist and her works are as wonderfully enigmatic as each other. Very excited about her artistic journey and projects to come.

ZOHRA OPOKU (Ghana/Germany) 

Zohra is an artist of many talents whether it be intimate self-portrait photography, film projects or large-scale instillations – there is no medium she does not use. Her work usually encompasses the African perspective on textile culture and its influence on identity both in a social and historical sense. Her work is a dialogue showing how important the role of clothes and cloth is within an African setting.


**This article has been published by Collectionair** https://journal.collectionair.com/discover/female-african-artists-part-2/